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21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries

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Framing the process

In my questions, I asked link builders to respond within this framework:

1. Linkable Asset. Definition: what’s “linkable” varies from vertical to vertical. Cash is almost always a linkable asset, as are available jobs, events, expertise for interviews and many other forms of great content.

2. Link Target. Definition: what types of sites, pages, and people seek this linkable asset?

3. Link Prospecting Query. Definition: what queries uncover great targets for your linkable assets?

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SEOmoz | Long List of Link Searches

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A Few Basic Rules:

1. You should perform all of these searches at each of the major engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN & Ask – yes, even Ask, as they often link to some very valuable and achievable link sources). I’m illustrating using Google for simplicity and brevity.

2. At Google and others, it often helps to show 100 results per page and have the maximum “grouping” of results from the same site. That way, you can find all of the most relevant pages on a particular domain with ease.

3. This process is only half the battle – the other half is identifying the sites inside the SERPs that would make good targets; I’ll try to cover that next week.

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Buying Links

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Buying Expired Domains: Don’t Expect Credit

Have you picked up a domain that was once owned by someone, not through buying it directly from them but because it had expired and went back into the common pool of domains for purchase by anyone? That’s an expired domain – and chances are, the backlinks aren’t going to pass credit according to Matt’s statement.

Buying Domains & Redirecting Links: Probably No Credit

Did you see a tasty domain and think it would be nice to get it, in order to obtain its links for a different site, such a redirecting them? Sounds like there’s a good chance that Google is going to notice the purchase date, take note of the redirection as well and decide those “historic” links shouldn’t count. What about if you just paid someone to keep the domain going under their name but closed down any existing content and point to another location? Might work; then again, Google might note the change, the oddity of one site to completely point at another, and it might be that the links won’t count.

Buying Domain & Running Web Site As Usual: Credit Likely

Did you buy a web site from someone else and are maintaining the business on that site as normal? Despite the fact that your domain name registration will have changed, since the site is carrying on as usual, there seems to be a good chance that link credit will continue as normal.

Getting Domains Through Acquisition: Credit Likely

Have a domain that changes hands, due to a company acquisition – company A buys company B? You should be OK, thought it’s unclear how Google tells the difference here from an ordinary transfer. And no, Google wouldn’t share more on how they can tell the difference.

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70 Do Follow Social Media Sites | Design And Marketing Blog

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A staple of successful internet marketing is a quality link building campaign. There are many resources on the web on link building and I will not bother going into those details here.

As social media has grown and evolved over the past few years, it has become a new avenue for marketers and webmasters to execute link building campaigns.

This blog post is an attempt to list the social media sites that allow “do follow” links; which should have the potential to contribute to the search rank of the page being linked.

Contribute To This List

I am sure this list is far from being thorough and accurate. The landscape of the social web will always be changing. So, I invite everyone to leave comments recommending any “Social Media” websites that I have left off the list. Some sites will be removed from time to time as well, as suggested by the comments. Page Rank of the sites on the list will fluctuate over time. They are meant to be a guide.

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Guide – Link Building Guide

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Introduction to the Link Building Guide

The Link Building Guide fills a gap in link building literature: process-driven, crawler-based link building at a scale large enough to meet the rank influence needs of highly competitive markets. The process outlined does not rely on link purchases, “black hat” or even “gray hat” tactics, or spam of any kind. Though we recommend using link prospect data sets in the 20k-200k range – and customized crawlers and scrapers – much of the advice and approach we outline applies to smaller scale link building projects.

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Delicious SEO Bookmarks 29-12-2008

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Interessante SEO links gevonden op 29-12-2008

  • Linkbuilding Tool – Eenvoudige linkbuilding tool, gebaseerd op Google custom search.

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Blogs that follow

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Handig overzicht van blogs ZONDER nofollow attribute.
Het complete overzicht bestaat uit 6 pagina’s.

Kijk voor meer informatie op:

Blogs that follow

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