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Mobile Search Guide by Cell Phones .org – Mobile Maven

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Optimizing for Mobile Search

As seen above, Mobile Search results tend to reflect Local Search results. If you want to show up on the first screen when a user searches for something, you need to make sure that your site is also optimized for local type searches. Some ways you can do this:

via Mobile Search Guide by Cell Phones .org – Mobile Maven.

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30 Web Trends for 2009 — SEOptimise

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SEO optimise

Mobile search

Location based mobile search on smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, Sony XPERIA, HTC HD but also more Google phones to come will change business. The proliferation of those mobiles will result in a critical mass. More people will search for the next bank or ATM, Chinese Restaurant or store selling a particular brand nearby.

30 Web Trends for 2009 — SEOptimise

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Mobiele website emulator | dotMobi

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Researchers at IDC say that 1.3 billion people will connect to the Internet via mobile phones by 2008. To see your site the same way that millions of mobile phone users do, use the .mobi mobile Emulator, which “emulates” a real mobile phone Internet browser.

Emulator | dotMobi

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Mobiele Zoekmachine ranking Factoren

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How to build a site that does well in mobile search

* Small, lightweight and fast-loading site (< 20kb / page)

* XHTML Mobile 1.0 Doctype

* UTF-8 character encoding

* JPEG / GIF images

* Content including “mobile”

* On-site keyphrase optimisation as usual (with a focus on short titles, and small amounts of body copy)

* Regular technical SEO principles

SEOmoz | Mobile Search Ranking Factors (Clue – One Normal SEO Factor is Missing)

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Detecteer een mobiele telefoon met PHP

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The most efficient way to detect mobile phones with PHP, this simply queries the accept headers, the user agent and checks for any tell tale signs that the browser we’re sniffing is a mobile device.

Lees meer over: mobile user agent detectie

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Mobile SEO White Paper

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Interesaante white paper over Mobile SEO. Afkomstig van Resolution Media.

Mobile-SEO-White-Paper.pdf (application/pdf-object)

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