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Get Google to index AJAX

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Google’s AJAX Proposal

With Google’s proposal, an AJAX-generated URL that contains a hash mark (#) would also be replaced with a URL that uses #! in place of #. So, the second URL above would become!best=2. When Googlebot encounters the exclamation point after the hash mark, it would then request the URL from the server using a syntax that would replace the #! with ?_escaped_fragment_=.

Still with me? All this means is that when Googlebot encounters:!best=2

it will request the following URL from the server:

Why, you ask? Well because ?_escaped_fragment_= in the URL tells the server to route the URL request to the headless browser to execute the AJAX code and render a static page.

But, you might protest, I don’t want my URLs in the search results to look like that! Not to worry, Google requests the URL using that syntax, but then translates the ?_escaped_fragment_= back into #! when displaying it to searchers.

via Google May Be Crawling AJAX Now – How To Best Take Advantage Of It.

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Google Analytics Blog: Web Analytics Tips & Tricks: An upcoming change to search referrals; Google Analytics unaffected

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First, just a heads-up that if you don’t analyze your own traffic logs, use Urchin web analytics software, or develop web analytics software, you probably don’t need to read this post. We’re writing this for the most geeky among us, because Google Analytics will not be affected by this information. On the other hand, we do want to let you know about some changes to Google search that are coming down the pike, before you start seeing (potentially) alarming headlines.

Starting this week, you may start seeing a new referring URL format for visitors coming from Google search result pages. Up to now, the usual referrer for clicks on search results for the term “flowers”, for example, would be something like this:

Now you will start seeing some referrer strings that look like this:

via Google Analytics Blog: Web Analytics Tips & Tricks: An upcoming change to search referrals; Google Analytics unaffected.

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30 Web Trends for 2009 — SEOptimise

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SEO optimise

Mobile search

Location based mobile search on smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, Sony XPERIA, HTC HD but also more Google phones to come will change business. The proliferation of those mobiles will result in a critical mass. More people will search for the next bank or ATM, Chinese Restaurant or store selling a particular brand nearby.

30 Web Trends for 2009 — SEOptimise

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Update Google Analytics

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Nieuwe mogelijkheden zijn onderandere:

  • Custom reports
  • Segmentatie
  • Data exchange (API)
  • Adsense integratie
  • Motion Charts

Gigantische update Google Analytics · Marketingfacts.

Meer over: Segmentatie

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Google Knol

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Google Knol

Met Google Knol lijkt Google de directe concurrentie met Wikipedia aan te gaan. Waar het advertentievrije Wikipedia bestaat door onbetaalde vrijwillige bijdrages, zal Knol zijn auteurs echter laten meedelen in de winst van Google Ads. Het gaat daarmee ook competitie aan met initiatieven als Squidoo, die eenzelfde winstdeel-strategie als Knol hanteert.

Lees Meer: Marketingfacts · Google Knol

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Stemmen op zoekresultaten met Google

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Google Stemmen

Google experimenteert met de mogelijkheid voor bezoekers om te stemmen op zoekresultaten. Lees voor alle ins-and-outs de volgende post:

Straight Out Of Left Field: Google Experimenting With Digg Style Voting On Search Results

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