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9 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog “Smart” | Weblog Tools Collection

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3. Show related post based on search queries

When a visitor comes to your site through a search engine, they are looking for something very specific. If they land on your site and do not immediately find what they are looking for, they are as good as gone. It would be smart for a blog to detect these search terms from search engine visitors and display a list of posts that closely matches these terms. That way if the current post is not what the visitor is looking for, they will be tempted to visit other posts relating to their search terms before they leave your site.

To implement this, all you have to do is install either WP Greet Box, Referrer Detector, or Landing Sites WordPress plugin.

4. Thank a first time commenter

Most people love human interaction. I love reading blogs because I know that there is somebody on the other side that I can email and chat with. A good way to gain loyal readers is to thank first time commenters for contributing to your blog. This helps you breaks the ice and assure your new reader that you are there if they ever want to email you.

For this feature, you can use the Comment Relish WordPress plugin.

via 9 Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog “Smart” | Weblog Tools Collection.

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70 Do Follow Social Media Sites | Design And Marketing Blog

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A staple of successful internet marketing is a quality link building campaign. There are many resources on the web on link building and I will not bother going into those details here.

As social media has grown and evolved over the past few years, it has become a new avenue for marketers and webmasters to execute link building campaigns.

This blog post is an attempt to list the social media sites that allow “do follow” links; which should have the potential to contribute to the search rank of the page being linked.

Contribute To This List

I am sure this list is far from being thorough and accurate. The landscape of the social web will always be changing. So, I invite everyone to leave comments recommending any “Social Media” websites that I have left off the list. Some sites will be removed from time to time as well, as suggested by the comments. Page Rank of the sites on the list will fluctuate over time. They are meant to be a guide.

via 70 Do Follow Social Media Sites | Design And Marketing Blog.

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US Niche Social Media Sites

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Last week I gave a presentation at SES NY and included a list of 35 niche social media sites that we participate in regularly. Lots of people have asked me for this list so I decided to put it here. The following 35 sites are broken down into 8 different categories and each site has an active community and can help you get exposure. These sites aren’t going to send you 50,000 visitors but they will send you targeted traffic & links (if you’re content is good).

via The Best Niche Social Media News Sites Right Now | 10e20 Blog.

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SES New York: 10 Twitter tactics door Guy Kawasaki · Marketingfacts

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Tactiek 4: Monitoren
Guy Kwasaki legt uit dat hij zich alleen richt op @replies en direct messages in Twitter, want dit zijn mensen die bewust reageren op je bericht. Guy is in competitie met @mashable voor de meeste retweets. De tool die hij daarbij gebruikt is Retweetist . Ook gebruikt hij Adjix en adviseert hij dit programma voor iedereen die actief links wil opnemen in Tweets. De voordelen zijn: het verkorten van url’s en het kunnen volgen van deze links. Weet je het even niet meer en heb je inspiratie nodig voor een volgende tweet, Stumbleupon of Alltop heeft altijd wel wat nieuws waar je over kan Tweeten.

Tactiek 5: Kopieer wat andere bedrijven al doen
Kijk eens in TWIBS, dit is een business directory van Twitter. Guy geeft enkele voorbeelden hoe je de snelheid van twitter kan gebruiken als bedrijf. Direct reageren op belangrijke keywords voor je organisatie. Partijen in Amerika die het voorbeeldig doen: Comcastcares & Amazondeals. Amazon zet elke dag via Twitter speciale verkopen op.

Tactiek 6: Gebruik Search for Twitter
Search for Twitter biedt de marketeer simple search, maar ook advanced search mogelijkheid. Simpelweg je belangrijkste keywords volgen en deze tweets targeten is stap 1. Guy laat zien dat lokaal targeten met Twitter zeer veel kansen biedt, want stel je voor; je weet nu wie en waar iemand zoek is naar je product.

Tactiek 7: Gebruik je tools
TweetDeck: managen en monitoren van je directmessages. Nadeel 1 account mogelijk
Twhirl: vergelijkbaar met Tweetdeck
CoTweet: ideaal voor het managen van je company account door meerdere medewerkers
Tynt Tracer: Zeer interessante tool voor uitgevers. Wordt je tekst gekopieerd van je blog en/of website, dan kun je bij hergebruik volgen wie je content gebruikt.
Tweetie: twitter tool voor je Iphone.

Tactiek 8: Zoek de grenzen op
Hiervoor gebruikt Guy TwitterHawk. Je kunt op basis van analyse van berichten in Twitter berichten pushen naar deze gebruiker. Een redactionele check kun je doen voordat je deze gebruikers spammed met je relevante nieuws. Per verzonden bericht betaal je TwitterHawk 10 dollarcent.

Tactiek 9: Deel je content en maak het makkelijk
Maak het makkelijk om je content te delen via Twitter, Facebook, zie GuyKawasaki blog. Met Twitterfeed kun je via een RSS andere Twitteraars jouw bericht laten Tweeten. Heb je veel volgers dan kun je ieder half uur dit versturen.

via SES New York: 10 Twitter tactics door Guy Kawasaki · Marketingfacts.

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99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications

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Below, we present 99 Essential Twitter Tools and Applications, split into the following categories: Tools and Productivity Apps, Statistics and Analytics, Find New Twitter Friends Apps, Search Twitter Apps, Web-Based Mobile Apps, WordPress Twitter Plug-Ins, Adobe Air Twitter Apps and Firefox Twitter Extensions.

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Harness The Power Of Twitter For Local Marketing

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Here are some tips I have for ways that you might be able to use Twitter to find and engage with customers:

* Send instant coupons. Empty restaurant? Tweet out a small discount offer for the next hour and fill the place up!

* How about Tweet coupons based upon the customer showing you that they’ve retweeted the offer out to their list of followers? (”Retweeting” = “forwarding” to other Tweeters). This encourages a viral behavior.

* Entertainment venues—tweet out the week’s events! Antone’s Nightclub, Home of the Blues, in Austin appears to be doing this:

Antone’s Nightclub on Twitter

* Tweet collaboratively. Partner up with other local businesses and tweet each other. Also consider package deals.

* If you have a local blog, tweet each time you post to promote your blog. Be sure to use a shortened URL in the tweet! (I like and for URL shortening services).

* Tweet out pics of special stuff going on with your store— things like new product teasers, celebs who visit your store, other interesting aspects of stuff your company does like charitable fundraisers.

* Once you’ve built up sufficient numbers of followers, use Twitter to perform quick polls about what products, features, services your customers would prefer. Cheap, fast input from your client base!

via Harness The Power Of Twitter For Local Marketing.

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It’s Not ALL About Conversions – A Wider Perspective On B2B Search Campaigns

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Having this data at your fingertips

In the olden days, Webmasters would scour their web log files looking for visiting IP addresses and doing reverse lookups on These days, there are several available tools that already include this functionality as part of a broader Internet marketing and sales solution.

One of the simplest tools but relatively unknown tools is called It’s really simple to install and pretty easy to realize immediate value from.

I also use a solution called, which offers much of the same functionality in more of a full-blown marketing automation solution.

There are several other products out there, so do some research on your own. If you know of others you like, I invite you to contribute comments and we can build a knowledge base around this topic.

via It’s Not ALL About Conversions – A Wider Perspective On B2B Search Campaigns.

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Psychologist Links Social Networking Sites to Poor Health | zMogo Tech Stuff

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The future seems set on a course which is inevitable, and the Internet has changed all of the ways in which we communicate, work and live our lives; from using chatrooms to making friends, to ordering the latest gadget online. Our generation may be the last one that remembers the good old days when you had a chat with the guy at the shop whilst you were buying a new bike (or even a computer) or perhaps bumped into a friend on your way there and stopped for a chat. Communication, even with our peers, is going to be over the Internet in some form or other. The increase in the number of people working in a virtual office from home, connected to their employer over the Internet, is increasing, and the trend seems certain to increase exponentially.

via Psychologist Links Social Networking Sites to Poor Health | zMogo Tech Stuff.

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